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8x8 Prints sold at Pop Ups.

Autographed framed original acrylics, collages, mixed medium, watercolors, and textile art pieces.

Left to Right:

Row 1:  Cemi; Mother & Child; Mother & Child; Close Family  

Row 2:  Cool Colors I; Midnight Stroll; Father, Mother & Child; Family

Row 3:  Birds in Paradise; Loving Family; Mother & Child; Sensual Dancing

Row 4:  Obama; Buzios From a Mirror; Hues of Browns in Abstract;  Mother & Child 

To order email:

Cash, Zelle, and Square reader accepted.

Valerie Deas Story Board.jpeg

Storyboard Original Paintings sold at Pop Ups.

8x8 original, acrylics, mixed medium, watercolor, and textiles pieces. 

Left to Right:

Row 1: Elegant Hair; Family; Gentle Beauty; Lovers

Row 2:  Abstract painting; Cubism in View; The Joy of Dancing; Taino Indians

Row 3:  Ancestral Influences; Jazz Singer; Three Women: Dilemma of Identity; Abstract Energy

Row 4:  Collage Flowers; Springtime; Mother & Child in Abstract; She                                    

To order, email

Cash, Zelle, and Square reader accepted.

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